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Page Summaries:

About (Deep): An in-depth (but not too crazy long) view into my mind and who I am.

About (Quickie): If you want a brief glimpse into the thoughts of Lizi Pearl.

Advice: Sooner or later, I’ll start up a sort of “Ask Abby” situation of my own where readers can ask myself or others for advice. We’ll set it up shortly.

E.P. Corey: Link to my Wattpad and a taste of my writing. Ergh, besides my blog posts, that is!

Musings: The head honcho. The actual “blog” part of my blog. lmao

Magic: I believe in you.

Contact Me: If you wanna say “Hey, Hello, Hi!” This is the place to do it! You can also ask me questions or make requests here!

$?: Totally optional, of course. If you do opt for it, thank you so much!