Sweet Introductions

Art is an introspective extrovert, and fashion is art.

Everybody’s got a place in this world, and a choice to fill as much of that place as possible. I’ve a longing to reach rays of light into every crook and crag of my own little niche so that it breaks out into the world like sunlight pouring into the cracks of a log, except I want it to scintillate out of that wood into a blue sky.

The point is, a blog gives voice to people and (if done right) a gift to the world; and fashion is a form of art that incorporates anything and everything: Psychology, sociology, trends, literature, photography, art, etc.! I want to explore the World of Fashion, and in that way, connect with The World. Come along with me if you like.

Hi, my name is Lizi Pearl, and this is my perspective.