Autumn: The Season for Class and Edge

Autumn is always the season for dark hues and scary new twists, transitioning from luminescence to shadows. It’s the season associated with the colors purple, red, gold, orange, and black, and the holiday Halloween. In addition, it’s one of two homes for the ever-popular Fashion Week. This season’s collection is one that might make the books: It’s got the well-roundedness and chic power of stylish sophistication, as well as the rebellious, wayward edge of modern designs and avant garde looks of breakthrough vogue from times past.  It’s the Runway for All. Take a gaze at the styles that will be conquering the Fashion World this season on the streets, in print, on the catwalk, and flooding social media.

(Faux) Fur is Dominating: Faux fur has laced itself in and out of fashion history, starting most notably in the 1920s. Even though it’s been out of the picture for a while, this vintage classic has made a huge comeback on runways during Fashion Week 2015. Designers like Marc Jacobs, J. Mendel, Ralph Lauren, and Jeremy Scott have lined their models up with outfits including [faux] fur cuffs, coats, and stoles. The presentation they gave was very 1920s-esque, and very classic. In order to give yourself an aristocratic, warm look this Fall and Winter, opt. for furry fashion; use stoles for scarves, get fur jackets, and buy coats with fur cuffs. The look isn’t only very Paris, but also very New York this season, and will be sure to keep you bundled in joy all throughout the cold months.

Gloves and Sleeves Running Long Like the River: Gloves are very in this season: They can be suede or leather, up to your wrists or running past your elbow, and they’re fabulous to see. Wearing suede gloves with a cute leather wristlet, for example, (especially paired with the furry wardrobe mentioned before) looks like something out of a Hollywood classic. If you want other reasons to hide your hands from the bitter winds this Fall, try wearing super-long sleeves. First came the oversized sweater with the sleeves covering the hands, now the sleeves have been exaggerated on all sorts of tops, even to floor-length in some cases. While you might not be too crazy for super long sleeves, try wearing your sleeves a little bit longer this year. It’ll look cute, and it’ll be uber comfy.

Bright and Shiny: “Bling” is back this year, forcing itself into fashion culture with feminine and shiny accessories and accoutrement. Big earrings (especially of the floral sort), bracelets (charms are lovely: Did someone say Pandora? How ‘bout Alex and Ani?), brooches, pins (e.g. The Joan Rivers Pin Collection), hairpins, and hair decor are all the rage for models this season, as Elle magazine points out on their “stay-on-top-of-style” site. Statement jewelry is definitely a favorite this year. These girly, shiny looks will have you feeling fresh and regal, all at once.

Shoes with Sense: Two very popular footwear styles out now are black boots and “lady loafers.” If you have any boots that are black, they’ll put you on the same vibe with designers. Black winter boots, black heeled boots, black combat boots—they’re all in! Lady loafers, on the flip-side, are a classic style to go with in the colder half of 2015, and they could even help to carry you on to 2016! These shoes carry a range of options: Futuristic heels from Prada and Chanel runway-looks, or classics (and some with a twist) available right from Nordstrom? The choice is yours.

This season is all about preppy, punk, edgy, vintage, and blurring the lines between them, and it’s totally possible with all the options laid out for those indulged in the Fashion World. This year’s array of styles is myriad in number, and priceless in value, because each year that goes on is a new age in the Industry, and full of new opportunities for wardrobe-huggers. Just try out all these creative new styles—you’ll never know where it could take you.








This year’s vibe on the runway and in the magazines is futuristic in a word, yet it brings back some of the best of Fashion History.  (Caption)



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