Coat Season

The jackets have been off these past few months for New Yorkers with no snow to boss us around.

“My jacket don’t get no love. No hats and no gloves…” -Ariana Grande, Winter Things

But things have changed! A heavy blizzard hit us on Sunday, January 24, 2016…and snow means the coats come off the shelves and out of the depths of your closet, once again. You can still stay stylish while keeping cozy, though, and here are some great choices to help you do just that!

Peacoats: This timeless classic will bundle you up, and make you look like an established somethin’.

♥ Anne Klein Double-Breasted Long Peacoat

Walker Coats: Just as the name implies, these fancy-shmancy jackets are brilliant for a crisp winter stroll.

♥ Kenneth Cole Faux-Leather-Trim Buckle-Front Walker Coat

Trench Coats:  For that sultry 50s mystery movie feel.

♥ MICHAEL Michael Kors Hooded Satin Trench Coat

Puffer Coats: These warm jackets never go out of style! They’re far too cute.

♥ Laundry by Shelli Segal Faux-Fur-Collar Puffer Down Jacket

There are endless options when it comes to winter fashion, so you don’t have to feel like the return of snow is an outfit-inhibiting thing! In fact, with more ways to mix and match, the fun is only beginning! Give your winter wardrobe some love, and let the snow fall, fall, fall






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