My Mind (and My Favorites) 1/31/2016

Okay, so we all know that our views and favorites change ever so wildly and spontaneously in this ever-changing world, right? I’ve come to realize that with every passing day, I like new things, think differently than I did the day before, and my brain is developing so rapidly that I think it’ll just pop! like a water balloon that’s been filled to its bursting point. Looking back at old diary entries and old social media posts, I can’t help but laugh at my ignorance and naivety, except I’m still a long way coming, and my eighteen-year old self will probably feel that same way about my sixteen-year old self—and I’m still only 15! So…why not share some of my bulging brain candy with y’all? I mean, I’ve got enough to spare.

Music: I’ve been all over the place with songs this month! Now, mind you, I don’t necessarily have to update monthly, just whenever I feel that my brain has evolved further, yanno? But that’s all besides the point. Melanie Martinez has not been able to get out of my brain! Yikes! I love her and her thought-provoking music, which always contains a hint of magic in the way it sounds. I’ve been listening to almost all of her songs on repeat (I still haven’t heard Playdate or Pacify Her yet, but I’ll get to it, I’m sure). My two favorites from her, out of all her extraordinary tunes, are Mad Hatter and Pity Party. They’ve just got something about them that charms me to them every time I put my headphones on! Another artist (well, group of artists)—a band that I just discovered just last week, actually—is The Royal Concept. It was love at first hear. I heard the beginning of On Our Way and then clicked on Smile, enamored by that happy, little (albeit simple) title. Right away the title was glued to my face. I returned to the first song, later, and fell for that, too, along with all of the songs that I’ve heard from them, so far. Besides those two, Fashion is another favorite of mine from them. I was even listening to it on repeat while writing the coat post! Two more songs I’ve been dying over are Crazy and Cryin’, both by Aerosmith. The music videos’ stars drew me to the songs, and the music kept me coming back. Who doesn’t love a lil’ Liv Tyler and Alicia Silverstone?

When time gives some of itself to you, check out these great songs:

  • Mad Hatter by Melanie Martinez
  • Pity Party by Melanie Martinez
  • Soap by Melanie Martinez
  • On Our Way by The Royal Concept
  • Smile by The Royal Concept
  • Fashion by The Royal Concept
  • Cabin Down Below by The Royal Concept
  • Crazy by Aerosmith
  • Cryin’ by Aerosmith
  • Angel by Aerosmith
  • This Is Really Happening (Taylor Swift’s version)
  • This Is Really Happening (Britni Hoover’s version)

I added 5 extra songs that you might like to give a chance to! I encourage you to listen, if you can, to both Taylor’s and Britni’s versions of This Is Really Happening because both are remarkable, but for different reasons. Taylor, being the writer, poured her heart out, and Britni, the performer, poured her voice out, but both versions are outstanding without a doubt.

Fashion: When summer had come along I decided that I wanted to devote myself fully to a preppy wardrobe/style. I’ve always been eclectic and overcomplicated, so I thought that sticking to one sort of fashion sense would be a healthy challenge for me. A challenge it was, but maddening, too. Yes, it simplified things, but it also created chaos:

“Oh, I can’t wear that! It isn’t preppy!” *insert sitcom audience laugh here*

I adore the preppy lifestyle/subculture, but without a billionaire’s bank account, sticking to one style can be a bit too challenging. Then, last week, I read a post on the blog Birdie Wears a Tie by a girl named Mary who’s uber cool:  Click this and check it out!  I really like her mind because she isn’t afraid to stand out and to let her thoughts just come and go! With that I’ve decided to pick whatever clothes fit my emotion, or the day, or whatever else it should fit for me to feel satisfied with the outfit. Maybe one day I’ll want to dress preppy. Okay, Cher Horowitz, Nancy Drew, and Blair Waldorf will be there for inspo!  If I want to be comfy in panache I can turn to Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande. If I want to be classy and elegant, but still fresh, those same two girls are there for me to steal the style of. Do I wanna go boho? Selena Gomez is right there to provide some insights for me. Hipster? tumblr. Nerdy-cute? tumblr. Geeky-chic?—okay, you get the point. Styles, trends, and fashion senses are in a perpetual and infinite loop that conforms with society, culture, generation, and personal development, so be eclectic. Let yourself dress like you just rolled out of bed one day, and like you’re going to the Met Gala the next. As long as you’re having fun and expressing yourself, that’s all that matters, because that’s what fashion is.

“I dress like [ish] call it fashion, but your fashion’s the [ish]”

-The Royal Concept, Fashion

Food: At the end of December I decided that I wanted to be vegan. Then I realized that I had to transition into it for it to be long-term, so at the beginning of January I decided to have a strict diet plan to transition into veganism: Some days I’d be vegetarian, one day I’d be pescetarian, and some other days I’d be vegan. Then I realized that it would be more complicated than that and that to enter a new, healthy lifestyle, that you do have to transition into it, but you can’t limit yourself too much, or else you’ll want to quit. With that I decided to be vegetarian with some vegan foods added into my diet, and that I would follow my diet/exercise plan, but in a way that balances flexibility and discipline. Gosh, food’s a pretty difficult subject. I never realized how complex it could really be! Is that the same for everything? *enter dramatic music here*

Movies: Goodness, I’ve had to have watched Clueless three times this month. I think it’ll always be one of my favorites, but that’s the most I’ve seen it in one month! Could I be addicted? I also watched The Devil Wears Prada for the first time (I know, I know, I should’ve seen it sooner), and, darling, it’s all that it’s cracked up to be. I mean, with Anne Hathaway, Emily Blunt, and Meryl Streep (the Queen of the Silver Screen) in it you already know that it’s going to be good, but, honey, it is better. I also saw The Boy on Friday (which was the 29th) and right before it my father and I discussed the possibilities for the plot since the haunted doll/dummy archetype has been overdone…but it’s good. So good. Honestly, just go watch it. Unless you have any of the things that you shouldn’t ride an amusement park ride with, because my friend Gisselle and I have been psychologically damaged by this film, and that’s how you know a horror movie is good. In fact, I had a nightmare last night connected with the movie, and I woke up in a cold sweat—it was that tremendously frightening!!! Then my dad bought all of the Star Wars movies, and it is a need-to-watch, so I’ll get to that. He also bought Goosebumps, the movie, and I’ve been obsessed with the series and its author since I was six, so naturally I’ve got to get around to watching that, too. I also want to watch Cruel Intentions really badly, because it’s got that preppy-thing going on that I’ve already let you know I’m obsessed with. Except…it’s with a twist, and I love stuff like that, too. Things that leave you thinking are always intriguing, don’t you think?

Books: There are far too many books on my shelf, right now—I’ve got a list longer than Santa’s going! In class we’re reading Macbeth and there are stars in my eyes. I adore Shakespeare with a passion thicker than the blood spilled in the play that I have yet to find out what happens in. I have a class copy, a copy of it in a simplified version on my Literati (it’s like a Kindle but with a different setup. I love it), and a copy in a book that is complete with all of Shakespeare’s known plays—but I want to wait until we read it in class. That way the experience can be shared. At home I’m reading The Secret of the Ages by Robert Collier, Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life: Living the Wisdom of the Tao by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, and Go Ask Alice by Anonymous (it’s a terrifying and sorrowful must-read). Then I’ve got another book that I need to find somewhere in my jungle of a room that’s about academic success, and I’ve got to read Wonder by R.J. Palacio so that I can participate in this connection between my high school and one of the elementary schools in the district that I live in. Haha…I’ll get around to it…right?

Oh, goodness me, I’ve written a heck-of-a-lot, and I haven’t even spilled all of my brain and my heart, yet! Well, that’s alright, with all the thoughts zooming around my brain like a high-speed chase on an expressway, I don’t think I’d be able to! On that note, I hope you like this series that I’m starting on my blog (I’ll call it My Mind and My Heart, but this first post will be different in name for contrast)! I’d truly appreciate it if you left some comments with ideas of stuff for me to write about. It can relate to the ultimate theme, or it can be disparate from it. I’d also love any feedback you’ve got. It’d be a great deal of help. Thank you so much for reading, especially if you’ve read this all the way through. Till next time! Ciao! ♥


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