Renascentia – the Latin word for “to be reborn.”

Every once in awhile I like to reinvent myself. What is that for? Why do I do it? I don’t really know, in the most honest of answers. I feel like part of the reason is that I’m so afraid of change that my life gets backed up and I need to go through an immense period of change to feel like I’m still going forward. I think another reason might be that I’m really big into self-improvement, self-discovery, self-fulfillment, self-realization, and self-actualization, as well as reinvention in itself. Still…I feel like there is so much more. There is something ultra romantic about starting over, or making a huge shift. It isn’t that I don’t love myself or the way that I am. I really do appreciate myself, who God made me to be. What I feel reinvention is, is that it’s not scrapping your old self and making your new self. I think it’s taking who you are in a moment and going through a metamorphosis that utilizes everything that you were and are into creating everything that you want to be. It’s a form of adaptation.

I usually go through reinvention at the beginning of something. This is the beginning of new ideas brewing in my thoughts. It’s that time again.

I thought that if I’m going to go through with this reinvention, something that I’m going deeper into than I’ve ever before (I think and feel, but I could be wrong. Still, I’m not going to admit to that 😉 haha), then I might as well write about it. I am keeping a lot of it personal. I’m going to write a lot about it in my diary/journal (it’s both). But I also want to share a lot of it with you, if I can, and if I can figure out how. Reinvention is a topic of interest, for many. So, follow me on this journey. I hope it is one. Let me use this blog to record events and share thoughts with you all, friends. Maybe you’ll go into a period of renewal on your own, someday. Good luck if you do. I’ll see you through re-brightened eyes.


The Phoenix…the symbol of rebirth.

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