What To Wear When Binge-Watching Anime

Welcome, darling friends, back to What to Wear When! This week, why not cover some choice outfits for a night in binge-watching anime? Because many people, like a lot of people, actually do that. I’m serious! There are more anime-obsessed people than one would think. I happen to be one of them. But, although you ultimately end up ruining your life by becoming obsessed with characters who do not exist in this world, at least you’re passionate about something and get to enjoy awesomeness, which is always good, right? And let’s face it, that’s the way it is with almost every fandom, if not all.

Now, the prime question here is:

What type of anime are you watching?

There are many different types of anime. They have anime for almost every genre in the world, I think. However, let’s keep it simple. Are you going to watch a show or a movie first of all? Next, is it going to deal with out-of-this-world types of things, or is it realistic fiction? Is it shoujo, shounen, or family-oriented? If it’s shoujo, I recommend fuzzy pajama pants and an oversized sweater or sweatshirt. Maybe you might want to have a stuffed animal nearby for when you get to the emotional parts of shows like Ao Haru Ride, Say I Love You, or Kimi Ni Todoke. Sweats are also uber comfy. And fuzzy socks or just socks in general, and/or fuzzy slippers seem perfect for watching shoujo. They aren’t mandatory, so feel free to go bare like L from Death Note (even though Death Note is not shoujo). For your hair, you might want to put it up in a bun, keep it down, put it in a sidebraid, ponytail…it’s really up to you! Whatever is comfy for you is what you should pick. But no matter what…you might not want to wear makeup |em| unless you’re certain it won’t get in your eyes and stream down your face, or get everywhere when you end up sobbing uncontrollably.

If you decide to watch shounen, I recommend jeggings or gymshorts. They just seem to fit the mood. Sweats also work for this look, though. They work for almost any look, really. A tank top, camisole, or oversized t-shirt goes great with whichever of these pants you choose to wear. Keep in mind that you might get worked up and feel the need to punch something if you choose to watch shounen. Then the workout-esque clothes would come in super handy. You might also feel the need to lie down and scream out into the world for awhile, or go for a jog. Shounen just does that to you. Sometimes shoujo does, too, though. Just like shounen sometimes makes you cry your eyes out. So be weary. The rest of the outfit would go just like the shoujo one. Just don’t slip on the socks or slippers when you decide to go for a pace around your house.

If you’re watching a family-oriented movie, pajamas make the mood. Studio Ghibli offers plenty of films that you can laugh, cry, and smile along with. They also offer movies for you to watch in stock-still focus. Jeans and a t-shirt, or jeans and a t-shirt with a hoodie also work.

Whatever you decide to wear, I hope you enjoy the marathon/binge. The stories and characters that are brought to life by the creators of anime programs are incredible, and there are so many fantastic series and films out there for you to watch. Enjoy!

(I’ll leave you off with a list of recommendations. I hope you love whatever one you choose to entertain yourself.)

Anime Suggestion List (in no particular order. Note: I have not seen all of these, but I have seen most of these and all of the ones listed under “Family”):


1. Ao Haru Ride

2. Say I Love You

3. Kimi Ni Todoke

4. My Little Monster

5. Ore Monogatari

6. Amnesia

7. Lovely Complex

8. Ouran High School Host Club

9. Fruits Basket

10. Itazura na Kiss

11. Peach Girl

12. Sailor Moon


1. Death Note

2. One Piece

3. Kiba

4. Bakugan

5. Pokemon

6. Black Butler

7. Tokyo Ghoul

8. Parasyte

9. Future Diaries

10. Deadman Wonderland

11. Hetalia

12. Naruto


1. My Neighbor Totoro

2. Whisper of the Heart

3. Castle In the Sky

4. Spirited Away

5. Porco Rosso

6. Kiki’s Delivery Service

7. Ponyo

8. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

9. When Marnie Was There

10. Howl’s Moving Castle

11. The Cat Returns

12. Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind



Ao Haru Ride is tear-jerking.




Death Note is mind-blowing.




When Marnie Was There is heart-racing.

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