What To Wear When You Go Ghost Hunting

With the new lady-ified Ghostbusters film coming out (“who you gonna call?), I thought I’d take a little interesting perspective on the whole ordeal. That’s why I’m bringing to you this new series: “What to Wear When…”

First things first, I’m sorry I haven’t written for the past 3 months. I’ve been at a word block. And, hey! Ya can’t blame me. These little ruts happen to everyone. However, I’ve put a little music on, popped some bubblegum in, got the idea cooking, and now I’m ready to make up for lost time. It hasn’t really been lost, anyhow. Just think of it as the hiatus that happens before really boiling.

Now, onto the first article of this new series! “What to Wear When…” Ghost hunting.  Well, unlike what most people really think, ghost hunting is a profession that requires a uniformed type of look, like many others. A fireman wouldn’t go to work without his flameproof suit. A businessman wouldn’t think to go to work in his pajamas. Not good for business and all that, yanno? Likewise, a ghost hunter wouldn’t go to work in something unfit for his job. Now, when I think of a ghost hunter, for some reason I picture Emma Roberts as Nancy Drew (from the 2007 movie adaptation of Nancy Drew) or Brian Stepanek as Arwin (from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody). However, I realize that this is incorrect. A real ghost hunter would probably just wear something semi-formal. Or at least something that’s casual, but not downtrodden. Maybe a nice pair of jeans, a clean shirt, and some Holy Water. Maybe they’d have a crucifix around their neck and some salt in their pocket. And a little red never hurts. Besides that, an authorized ghost hunter might have a pair of heat vision goggles and a trunk full of equipment. An EVP is sure to help on-the-job, and so will an EMF detector. You never know what you could run into, or what kind of stuff you’d need to prove that an apparition is really lurking around.

Oh! But if you’re talking about casual ghost hunting, well then that’s a different story. The average Jane or Joe wouldn’t have all the high-tech materials professionals have, per se, but they might have at least some salt and Holy Water handy (that’d help). A crucifix, even a pretty one, can also be of service to you. Diamond crosses also make for a really cute accessory. Other than that, dress according to the weather. Sweaters for the fall, short sleeves in the summer, jackets in the winter, you know the deal. Jeans, sweatpants, or cargo-anything are good options. And sneakers. Be sure to wear sneakers for when you run out of there. High heels make it kind of hard to flee from a scene of terror. That is, unless, you’re Daphne Blake…but let’s not forget her nickname. It must be the heels.

If you ever do go ghost hunting, just remember to stay safe and keep out of the really dangerous areas of dilapidated hospitals and houses. If you’re going down a road on Mount Misery, watch out for policemen with bullets through their heads and flashing lights. Always remember to keep your cell phone on you and caution about you. You must always stay safe when entering  “The Twilight Zone.”






If you’ve seen the Goosebumps movie, you’ll know that Zach and Hannah have the right idea. R.L., Champ, and Slappy…not so much.






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