The Purse of Identity

More than 7 billion people, more than 7 billion lives: Each with a different soul and different genetic makeup, and they all fit in this blue, green planet like the little shards of glass that make up a mosaic masterpiece. I used to wonder how it could be that so many people can exist, have existed, and will exist, yet no two people could ever be entirely identical—then a dawn of thought rose soft rays of brilliant understanding to dance upon my ever-thinking mind, and I figured it out.

No two people could ever be 100% the same because of the complexity that goes into the creation of a person. I am a firm believer of zodiacs and their effect on people because we came from the stars, so we must have some sort of connection to the stars. Yet, most people believe that if you are a specific zodiac sign you’re going to be 100% like the stereotype of that sign. But…this isn’t true! I read somewhere once that how a person is star-sign-wise isn’t just based on their birthday, but also on the day of the week they were born, the year they were born, and the time (down to the second) that they were born!

“But wait! There’s more!”

Western star signs aren’t the only things that affect who you are. Chinese zodiacs could also play a part on your being—but each animal has multiple elements that affect how the animal characterizes the person, too! For example, for the Year of the Dragon (which is the year I was born in) there are the elements metal, earth, fire, water, and wood. The specific year determines the element of the sign, as well as the animal in the Chinese zodiac system. I was born in 2000, the Year of the Metal Dragon. You see? If it had been 1964 I would’ve been a Wood Dragon, and if it had been 2012 that I was born, then I’d be a Water Dragon.  Click here to find out about you!

Science is also an ingredient in who we are: Genetics, gene expression, environmental influence, neuroplasticity, stimuli, development, evolution, et cetera! They all affect what type of people we are. But our experiences also shape us, and we shape ourselves, too! We also fin ourselves, yet, at the same time, we create ourselves and decide who we want to be. Those around us also help to shape us, and our decisions do, as well. And if you’d believe it, maybe numerology might even be a part of it all—the Universe is made up of numbers, after all.

Then…there are our souls and our spirits. I believe in an After Life—I believe that we are more than just skin and bone. I believe that there is an essence to us that physicality can’t touch; that we are spiritual beings. So, you tell me: Could there be anybody truly like you? Like me? Like the people around you?

This is a fashion blog. So, why all of a sudden am I going on about identity? Because identity is a part of fashion. The style of the soul. The dressing up (or down) of your personality. The wardrobe that is your mind. Fashion isn’t just clothes, what goes with what, and what is everyone going to wear next. It’s who you are as a person, just as much as what goes on your person, and the way you carry and present yourself, too. We all carry a purse of identity; and they’re all full of wonders. Brag about how cute your bag is. You are exclusive; you are limited edition.

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