My Mind and My Heart 5/28/2019

It’s been so long since I’ve (seen that sun!—a reference to a song by a friend of mine) last done one of these! No, really, I think it’s been 2 and half years…oops.

Well, here I am now! Dishing out more of stuff that I, um, like.

Music: Luckily, YouTube Music can help me remember what I’ve been listening to, lately. This isn’t sponsored—I just listen to so much that I can barely keep track of it!

Apparently fashion has been on my mind lately (it definitely has been, this is the truth), and so I’ve got three songs by that title in my history. We’ve got…

  • Fashion by The Royal Concept (I’ve actually mentioned this song before! It’s just so good, man.)
  • Fashionby Lady Gaga (It’s such an uplifting and feel-good song, like, woah.)
  • Fashion by Lady Gaga (The key here is the lack of an exclamation point. This song is totally different and kick-butt and I love it.)

But there are so many more songs that I’ve been vibing with! Ugh, why is music so catchy?

  • Donatella by Lady Gaga (Is anyone else noticing a trend here?)
  • Feeling Good by Michael Buble (An anthem to live by, I’ve gotta say.)
  • Prom Queen by Beach Bunny (Totally different from a bunch of these jams.)
  • Girls Like Me by Will Joseph Cook (The music video gives me life.)
  • There She Goes by Sixpence None the Richer (Sickly sweet and romantic ;-;)
  • These Days by Nico (I feel like I’m in an indie movie because of this song. Probably because it was in an indie movie: The Royal Tenenbaums.)
  • 7 rings by Ariana Grande (A rich chick’s anthem.)
  • ME! by Taylor Swift (“You know there is a me!”)
  • Gimme Chocolate!! by BABYMETAL (This song is me as a song.)
  • Dancing On Light by Richard Dillon (So intensely beautiful. I want to skate to this song, one day.)
  • Sol by Ale F (Also intense, but in a sultry, sea-faring, sunbathing way.)

There are also probably a million other songs that I’ve been jamming to, lately. Omit the probably. I reiterate: Why is music so catchy?

Fashion: Let’s bring my current music theme into the mix, shall we? At the beginning of 2019, because of my advent in college, I tried to dress like a toned down Elle Woods, but without fifty shades of pink. So, pretty much, like a prep. Or like Vivian Kensington, I suppose? But with Little Miss Woods Comma Elle’s personality. Afterwards, I kind of fell into my old dressing ways—whatever looked nice, was freshly washed, and available I would choose. Mostly because I need to work on being a morning person and I have so many clothes that I stick to a refined number of outfits to keep myself from getting dizzy or fashionably frustrated. But now that spring is cresting and we’re on the verge of summer, I’m feeling sun-dressy and sun-hatty. I also kind of feel like dressing like a closet-cosplay of Ciel Phantomhive because I feel like then I’d be motivated to actually work. And I’d feel oh-so fancy! I also feel like dressing like Kuranosuke as Kuroko from Princess Jellyfish or Rebecca Bloomwood from Confessions of a Shopaholic. It’s a pretty tough thing to reconcile, but that’s why I’m sitting at home in my PJs right now. To sum up my style craving of the moment: Stylishly Victorian, spring-y, summer-y, and fashionable to a fault.

Food: I’m trying to lose weight and gain muscle for figure skating (I plan to burn the fat off first and then build-up the muscle, because I’ve read that you can’t do both at the same time. Pooey). Thus, I’ve been trying to eat fewer calories than usual and more protein. The only problem is that I’ve also been a fan of nostalgic foods lately—foods that I could do without. Oh well, we’ll see how it goes! Wish me luck!

Books: I started reading How To Be A Bada** At Making Money by Jen Sincero last summer, but sometime during the winter I misplaced the book. So, finally deciding to listen to it online as an audiobook instead of panicking about where I could’ve possibly put it, I was able to finish it yesterday. Yay! Go me! I am a bada**—thanks, Jen Sincero! I’m also currently reading the first volume of Kuroshitsuji by Yana Toboso (a.k.a. Black Butler) and A Study In Scarlet by none other than Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. It reinspired me to pick up on a mystery story I attempted to write back in my Junior year of high school. About 2 and a half years ago. Yike. I think I’m also going to pick up the first volume of Kuragehime (Princess Jellyfish), and I need to find Another Note: The Los Angeles B.B. Murder Case by Nisio Isin. It’s around here somewhere! Ooh, also I have about a million other books I need to read. Did I mention that I’m listening to the Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill audiobook and I think I’ll start How To Be A Bada** by, you guessed it, Jen Sincero! Also via audiobook. Okay, I’ve got a lot of reading and listening to do.

Shows and Movies: Okay, so I started watching Sherlock again! And this time I got up to the second episode! Are ya proud? Also, I think I’m going to watch the movie. I might do that after finishing this. I’ve got the ye olden times DVD set of the black and white Sherlock Holmes Adventures picture-show adaptation. Wow. A mouthful. So, Imma dig those up and watch ’em, too. As you can see, we have another trend! I also watched the Kuragehime live-action film, and plan to watch the new live-action series, as well. I watched Crazy Rich Asians recently, and I’ve gotta say: Wow. It lived up to the hype, honey! The movie also had a Kris Aquino cameo. Philippines represent!

I watched The Confessions of a Shopaholic a couple of days ago, after years of promising myself I would. I am so glad I did at last! Rebecca Bloomwood post-the-events-of-the-movie is goals. I also found myself watching Just Friends without having intended to, but it was pretty great, so I’m happy I did! Even though I spent the majority of the movie rolling my eyes at the main character and cringing at his famous ex.

Hey, I dunno if I should mention this, but I’m on a roll so why not. I rewatched Mean Girls and Black Butler Book of Murder. Part one and two. I also totally meant to watch Book of Atlantic and then flaked because I only watched it once in theaters and I’m lowkey nostalgic about those circumstances. Here’s the cringe-y part: I accidentally binge-watched the Netflix adaptation of Richie Rich while playing The Sims 3 and I don’t know how it happened, but it did. It’s pretty good for its target audience, I’ve gotta say! Oh, now I’ve gotta add the Richie Rich movie to my list of things to watch!

In terms of anime, I’ve gotta catch up on Boku no Hero Academia, and I need to finish Tokyo Ghoul, the Wallflower, and Nana. After going through my phone and finding an old screenshot, I’ve decided that I need to watch the Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji live-action movie, as well as the Ao Haru Ride one. Ooh, then I need to catch up on Good Morning Call, and oof. I’m gonna be a busy girl this summah!

“ … you can always find something you want.”
― Sophie Kinsella, Confessions of a Shopaholic

I find that if I don’t keep up with my brain, I’m in a state of confusion. That’s because something new is happening every millionth of a jiffy in my mind, and I’m positive you can relate, yeah? The bright side to all of this bulk is that it’s almost summer. That means that I’m practically unstoppable and I’ve got all the time in the world! For the most part. I really hope that I’m able to live up to my summer expectations! Let’s see what I’m like in fifty months from now, shall we?



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