Celebrity Spotlight: “Stuck On” Mars Argo

“I never got the nerve to say that I want you back, want you back…” “Moshi moshi, hi, hello…” (Argo; Poppy).

Celebrity worship is at the peak of Western culture, and it can be a bit overdone. However, celebrities still stand as a role model to their fans, and celebrity appreciation is understandable. Mars Argo, whose legal name is Brittany Sheets, is one artist worthy of all of her fame. Unfortunately, her fanbase grew a little too late, a little bit after her “disappearance” from the internet. There is a chance that she is going to return, and sometime soon, but fans wait for that day, anxiously, as they replay over and over again what little media she left behind.

Mars Argo is an internet celebrity who became popular for her unique YouTube videos with her then boyfriend, Titanic Sinclair (Corey Mixter). The duo ran a YouTube channel called “grocerybagdottv.” The channel theme was based around the corruption of Hollywood and a pseudo-scientific prophecy known as “The Singularity” (which is an event that is proposed to happen in which humans and technology become one). The pair made weird, artistic, and athletic videos created for entertainment and as social commentaries.

When YouTube started making it difficult for YouTubers to use third party music from popular artists in their videos, Mars Argo and Titanic Sinclair decided to create their own background music. The personal project got a promotion when viewers of grocerybagdottv requested for the pair to release the music they had been using due to its unique quality and addictive sound. Thus, the band Mars Argo was born, with the character Mars Argo as their face and lead singer.

Argo and Sinclair continued to work on grocerybagdottv, posting all sorts of strange and compelling content, while they produced and published catchy, nostalgic songs with artistic music videos. The iconic duo lasted for years, growing a dedicated fanbase, but tragedy struck paradise in 2014.

After an intense falling out between Sinclair and Argo, the latter disappeared from the internet without a word, without a clue, without a hint of goodbye. A new celebrity appeared in the midst of her “erasure,” and this character gained celebrity and fans quickly due to her uncanny valley productions, and the controversy surrounding her and her predecessor.

This new singer, known as That Poppy, or simply “Poppy,” was born from an idea Sinclair had to continue the strange project he had begun with Argo, with someone new. Unfortunately, Argo’s disappearance was due to Sinclair’s violent and obsessive behavior of her after she had broken up with him for cheating, and Poppy, although entertaining and addictive, was used as a tool to mock the former star for leaving.

This all came to light in 2018 when a lawsuit between the parties was leaked onto the internet. Mars Argo and That Poppy fans alike came together to dispute the claims of the opposing sides and try to find the truth—or what they wanted the truth to be. Fans of both were caught in the middle and did not know what to believe.

As of 2019, a settlement has been reached between both parties, and both artists have resolved to continue making content. Poppy has released new music recently, and is currently on tour, and has proven that she can create an identity for herself apart from Mars Argo. Mars Argo, on the other hand, has decided to come out of hiding and is rumored to be creating new music to be released soon, purportedly under her real name: Brittany Sheets. Hopefully both artists can resolve any personal issues that might linger between them and continue to create the media that makes people happy and that make their fans adore them. Until then, fans will wait for Brittany to come back.     

I hope she does.

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