Dawn 07/31/2015

Dawn is the advent of a new day. It is promise, hope, anticipation. Dawn is pregnant with infinite possibilities and opportunities. Dawn is the beginning of something bright and special.
     It is my hope that this first post will be the dawning of a new age for the both of us: The Age of L’esprit Inspiré (“The Inspired Mind”), and that this may be the advent of a new adventure; a journey for us to share, and hopefully we’ll be together every step of the way
     You know, blogs are such interesting thingsThey’re a form of journalism, but also a form of expression. There are endless possibilities awaiting a writer—or even someone who’s just bored or looking for money—when they start a blog. It’s exciting; it’s fresh; it’s new. I want it to be all of these things for you, too.
     Let’s give a toast to this new day, and let’s watch the sun rise together. May you always be inspired.
Signing off.

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