My Inspiration 08/01/2015

 There are those who wish to get their thoughts and words out into the worldThere are a myriad of ways to do itI am one of those peopleand thisfor the time being–is my choice. I also wish to pursue the craft of writing through journalismpoetryand booksas well, but for now I’m sticking with this (but I do have quite a lot of works-in-progress,already). It’s in my nature to be ambitious. However, my love of writing isn’t the only thing that led me to blogging:

  1. I can be considered tech savvy/a millennialso why not exploit that?
  2. I’m online, anyway
  3. At one point my father had a blog
  4. The Vice Superintendent of my school district and my English teacher encouraged me to start a blog when I was in the 7th grade (I kind of did, but soon after lost the password and now it just serves as part of a good memory)
  5. I watched the movie, Ask Me Anythingand it occurred to me that I might want to try actually having a successful blog while I work on getting published and surviving high school
  6. This is an introspective and insightful experience
  7. I just love to write 

     As I blog, I am not only practicing the basic skills that one chasing after this art must master, but I am also debuting myself to the world (even though I am anonymous to you),gaining confidence, and expressing my thoughts, opinions, and feelings.  I am unfolding myself, learning more about who I am, and analyzing my life and the lessons I learn. I am practicing writing down my desires in order for them to manifest into my lifeI guess I’m also being dramatic, huh? Only to an extent, thoughit’s mostly true. Although this is an experience mostly for me, it’s about you, tooI want to provide entertainmentinformationinsightsadviceand anything else I can, to youAs a blogger it’s my job to do so. Let’s hope I can!
May you always be inspired.

Signing off.

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