The Storm and the Moon 08/01/2015

   Nature is a God-given giftA piece of art more precious than anything a man could craftDuring these last few days of July (well, now it’s August—can you believe it?) a story-set storm rolled over my townfilling the air with the sweet smell of water drops and the music of the rainDays agoI witnessed a blue moon (although it seemed to be happier than usual)and it seemed to me like any other moonbut it was blessed with a rare beautyWhen I took a picture of itthe light it emitted was so bright that it seemed effervescentand my camera caught its glowunlike other nights when the moon appeared as a giantwhite spot in the skyThis blue moon was the kind that made you understand why lunacy‘ is a wordI think that nature is meant to be treasuredand I think that you’ll find joy in doing soAfter reading thisgo outside and stare at the world around youthe world God made for youand take from it all the peace and inspiration you’ve been looking forI guarantee that just being outsideand being aware of it, will be a magical experience.
            May you always be inspired.

Signing off.

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