10 Somewhat Unusual Things To Do When You’re Bored—Maybe Even As Bored As Light Yagami or Sherlock Holmes

What is there to do when you’re bored? There is so much time in the world and a myriad of ways to spend it, but it isn’t always easily revealed to us what we could be doing when we aren’t doing anything! There’s a saying that boredom inspires creativity, and that may be true! It just so happens that at this moment I’m bored, and this is what I chose to do: Come up with a list of things to do.

If you’re sitting in your room right now, looking for something to ease your ennui, don’t fret and don’t look any farther for ideas to sooth your lackadaisical feelings. Here’s a list of 10 easy-to-do, but not necessarily normal, activities for the bored.


  1. Watch live cameras.

I don’t think the average person readily has surveillance cameras or satellites set up to people watch, bird watch, or whatnot, but that isn’t a problem. The internet has a variety of sources for people who want to watch places and animals. I wouldn’t recommend watching people, as there are some sites that can do that, too, unless people watching could help you in your line of work (criminal justice, psychology, philosophy, etc.), but watching animals or beautiful sceneries can be a touching thing to do in your spare time.


The Panama Canal and Smithsonian National Zoo both provide live cameras. In fact, many zoos offer live cameras. Be sure to check out the pandas! They’re always quite adorable. A quick Google search will lead you to nature reserves and animal feeds all over the world. Audobon and LiveScience have good resources to find rainforests and other great views. YouTube does, too, and I think there’s even a live feed of space. So, if that’s your thing, what are you waiting for? Check it out! Oh, but, finish reading this article first, please. Haha. 


  1. Stack things.

Stacking things sounds like a pretty childish thing to do, but once you get into it, it can be pretty fun! Seeing how high you can stack chips (not the edible kind), checkers, dice, coins, etc. can be a great, but fun challenge. Making card houses, an oldie but a goodie, is also pretty interesting.


Food can be stacked (cookies, macaroons, chocolate bars, Reese’s Pieces cups, sugar cubes, cubed fruit, crackers), and so can bottle caps. Books, DVD cases, CD cases, discs, tapes, tape cases, the list goes on and on. Be warned, however! Stacking is not for the easily frustrated or impatient. It can help to improve focus and patience, however. Maybe even mental stamina.


  1. Listen to church bells or Gregorian chants.

It may seem like a strange thing to do, but listening to church bells and Gregorian chants is very calming. Meditating to such soundtracks, or just chilling to them, is sure to ease the nerves. The hypnotic tolling of the bells and the monotone singing of the chants makes for good, quiet ambience to a restless mind.


If you don’t prefer the sound of bells or chants, try binaural beats which are able to aid in a multitude of things (just do a quick search and reading on them!) or other forms of ambience. The sound of water can help incite negative ions which can help to initiate and inspire creativity in an individual, so it’s another good option for someone who is feeling lethargic. Bird sounds are nice too.

  1. Come up with a new recipe.

People often eat when they’re bored, right? How about instead of eating food, why not make food? Go into your kitchen and brew up something good! Come up with a new, special blend of tea. Gather random ingredients and throw them together to come up with some sort of hors d’oeuvre or stew. Who knows? Maybe it’ll become the world’s next greatest dish!


Try bringing together things that one would not necessarily imagine paired with another food factor. Like flour and basil with a little turmeric and honey! What would that taste like? Turn your kitchen into a laboratory! Have fun and get creative! Just be careful and remember to clean the mess up when you’re done.


  1. Try to guess what card you’ve got.

Ever played “Is this your card?” with a family member or friend? Put a twist on it and play the game yourself, but in a blind-reading/guessing game fashion. Blind-reading is when you write things on index cards and turn them over to the blank side. Shuffling them around, and then closing your eyes and picking one after asking yourself a question you know the answer to can help build your intuition. Once you get better with it, you can do other forms of it, or start asking yourself questions you don’t know the answer to, or use it to help you make decisions.


With this game, however, you’d take a regular pack of playing cards and shuffle them. Place them in front of you and pick five. Try to guess what card you’re going to get and then pick it. It can help with improving your intuition and you might even be able to use it to help you make insignificant decisions if you assign cards to options and then get a card relevant to one of the choices. Plus it’s fun.


  1. Pretend to be someone you’re not.

Do you have a favorite fictional character or a celebrity or historical figure whom you greatly admire? Why not pretend to be them for awhile? Pretending to be someone else for just awhile can actually benefit you and be good for you. Why? It’s because it helps you to step into someone else’s shoes and imagine how they’d think, behave, and react to situations and decisions. It works the imagination and provides something fun for you to do.


However, don’t fall into the trap of being pretentious or losing your own identity when doing this. It’s okay to pretend to be someone else for a moment in time, but it’s still fun to be yourself! When you’re not pretending to be someone you’re not, try taking an introspective look at who you are, because that’s always fun, too.


  1. Memorize.

What if someone asked you what the 79th element on the Periodic Table of Elements is and you could answer it right away? Or what if they asked you what the first 50 digits of pi is and it was a no brainer for you? Well, if you took the time to memorize these things then you could have these scenarios turn out exactly that way! People would be in awe.


Using your free time to memorize new words, interesting facts, the elements, the digits of pi, the multiples of different numbers, the square roots, and whatever else you’d find interesting or helpful could be totally useful in the future and a fun party trick to amaze your friends and family. Not only that, but it also helps improve memory function and recollection. What a bonus!


  1. Visit your local library.

Go take a walk to your local library or bookstore, pick out a random book and read it from start to finish. It can be any genre: fiction, non-fiction, self-help, poetry anthologies, reference—whatever genres are out there you can choose from. Seriously read it from start to finish, and don’t put too much thought into picking it. In fact, if you can, don’t put any thought into it at all.


Maybe you’ll find a new book that you love, or a new fandom to be a part of, a new series that will become a part of you, or perhaps you’ll become an expert on something you never thought you’d know a thing about. Maybe you’ll find a new favorite genre or a discover a new interest or motivation. No matter what, it’ll be worth it.


  1. Word Purge, Blind-Draw, or Spontaneous Sketch.

Drawing and writing are excellent ways to utilize your mind and develop your brain. There are different ways of writing and drawing that could benefit you further. Try word-purging, where you just keep writing whatever comes to mind for at least ten minutes, not stopping to look at what you’ve written until you’re done or satisfied. It’s a great form of stress-relief and a kind-of rant. If you do this with the intention of producing something creative, then you’ll probably find some good material to work with. Just write freely and let the words flow!


Try drawing something without looking at your paper at all, keeping all of your focus on the subject of your to-be masterpiece. This exercise can help develop intuition and observation skills. Don’t be discouraged if the end result is a total failure the first few times. It’s a really tricky exercise, and the few times I’ve done it, the finished piece was nothing reminiscent of its muse. Or try spontaneous sketching, which is really just liked advanced doodling. Get out a pen and piece of paper and draw whatever comes to mind, or draw random things until you see something recognizable that you could work with in your piece. Or go the abstract route. It’s up to you.


  1. Make a bizarre list.

Make your own outside-the-box-thinking list of ten or more things. The list can be about virtually anything. Let your mind run wild! Listverse is full of interesting lists that you could look to for inspiration. You’ll learn a horde of facts and ease your boredom as you search for ideas to comprise your own list. It’s a triple-entendre activity—you get three for the price of one!


A Love Letter To Words (My College Essay :) …haha…)

A Love Letter To Words

I don’t see words. I see stories. I paint words that dapple, and blend, and reach until they project themselves into my mind, and I’m almost where the work’s soul is. It’s a movie, both vintage and modern, but also real, and sometimes I forget that it’s not really happening, sometimes I forget that a dream’s not reality, and my words sometimes contort themselves and make themselves up and I think that they too are dreams. I write in purple prose, but my words are kaleidoscopes and rainbows, and they shimmer and shine on their blue or black ink that splotches across white sheets of love—until coffee or tea spills and those sheets are yellowed, or until the words—in their ink (that resembles the intangible abyss my ideas really live in) has covered the entire page, like kisses all over a lover’s face.

I want forever to feel the rushing heart beat, and hear the thrashing waterfall in my reddening ears, as I listen for the voices of my characters and see them come to life in my eyes and in my mind. When I dance across the snowy dead trees like this—my pen my waltzing partner—my fingers and eyes and ears blossom and bleed like blooming red roses–as scarlet as a running heart. Our steps are so swift and delicate that a candle’s flame would not be burned out in our joined hands, so graceful that a pile of books would not even teeter or totter on our burning heads. But sometimes we figure skate, sometimes we jog side by side. Yet, other times we turn together, or thrill skate, or extreme roller blade, or run, or race, or gallop. And even other times we lazily stroll or just sit and look around. My words and I, my pen and I, and my mind and I search for inspiration or muses. Sometimes they find us instead. Actually, they usually hunt us down when we’ve given up playing hide and seek with ideas and possibilities.

My favorite part of the adventure and the tale, however, is when we climb a mountain. We’ve crossed the sea, found the treasure, told our tale and lived. We still live. I color my words in colorful makeup to make them feel more beautiful, because they are already Guinevere to Lancelot, and Rosalie or Juliet to Romeo. They dress in royal robes and gowns, made from precious fabrics and rare dyes. I join them in their glamour, as my love is complete, and together we present ourselves to the world—be it a poem, a short story, or someday, a novel. I will always live side by side with my words, and they are what I seek to achieve and to hold, and what I have won in my birth. My words.

Gratitude In Time 01/31/2016

     It’s been an eternity since I’ve graced my thoughts with the business of my blog. However, although school has been keeping the space in my brain clean, it would do me well to try to manage this website while I work on my academic concerns. I need to be creative—I need to have something outside of school to keep my mind busy and strong. Blogging can be considered a brain workout! I apologize profusely for my lack of presence, but I’ll try to be more disciplined. After all, balance and management are all worthy skills.
I was supposed to write and publish this post in time for Christmas, but it seems that I’m more than a month late. More remorse, sorry. I did start it on 12-23-2015, but I never got around to finishing it! Oops. Well, that’s all in the past, now, and it’s time to move on and write what I’ve been intending to write.
 Gratitude is a state of mind. It’s when you feel a tremendous and sumptuous joy that can hardly be described in words. It can only be felt in order to be understood. Even though gratitude takes a lot to be felt, it is definitely a feeling that should be experienced more often, one that people should try to arouse in themselves and cope the growth of in others. According to the Law of Attraction, which is a universal, physical, and psychological law (and theological in some cases), gratitude is a necessity if one wants to welcome more good into their life. If one is in a great state of thankfulness, they will notice more things to be thankful for around them—it’s just the way that things work. Take for instance someone who has just won the lottery. They are grateful beyond words, and they start to realize that everything around them is worth thanking God for. Or on the flipside, someone who is in a rundown situation receiving something simple, but important. They are grateful for everything they have, even though it’s so little.
Even if your life isn’t picture perfect, try to be grateful for every little good thing in your life. Be grateful for breath. Be grateful for the sky, for the ground. Be grateful for your heart and your soul—be grateful for any good thingThink on that.
May you always be inspired.

Signing off.

P.S.  I want to write more frequently, but I want to write meaningfully, so please be patient with me. In the meantime, truly reflect on my words. We are all going on a spiritual journey, as am I, and our words can truly help us along it. I’m working on myself, as well as a million other things, so your patience would be greatly appreciated. I’m grateful for it, and for you. I expect to write more, but I don’t expect to do so very quickly. When I do write and post here, however, you can be sure that my words will be worthwhile. All will be well, all will be done as they should, and all is good. 

The Right State of Mind 08/03/2015

  I could start off by going off on a rampage about how frustrated I am that I missed a huge opportunityDespite how angry I am about this incidentbecause the Universe made it seem that it was something I ought not missI am going to be positiveIf I had been able to follow through then I would’ve been more abundant–and I am trying to be soThe key to success, howeverlies in my feelingsAren’t I going to attract to me the type of circumstances my mind is in the state of? YesBecause of the Law of AttractionI’ve been trying to keep myself in a positiveabundantand successful mindsetSo far my progress seems to be acceleratingit’s workingI used to find it hard to find a penny on a streetNow I find loose change everywhereand it’s piled upI’ve found $12 dollars worth of coins in the past monthwhere I used to only find a single cent about every half yearMy mind has been a paradise for me as of lateand I am determined to keep it so
     You know how people stave off hunger in silly ways? They brush their teethread a bookpaint their nailschew gumor even ask each other ridiculous questions (this is a reference to a very entertaining YouTuber)WellI like to fight off negativity and frustration with writingHere is an example:
            I want to feel better. I want warm sunshine and iced tea. Maybe a sweet sorbet. I want a million dollars and prosperity, but I want to be generous with it. I want health, I want happiness. I want to “forgive and forget.” I want to breathe easy, I want to be at peace, at ease. I want to take a nap. I want to dream of love, and I want to wake up to it. I wish all these things for others, as well, and hope they happen. They will. They already have.
     Writing good thoughts and wishes can fend off disaster and welcome sweetnessIt’s focusing on the goodinstead of what’s notI personally prefer it to punching in wallsor beating up innocent pillows, but hey“to each his own,” right?
     It doesn’t matter that I missed the opportunity because I already have it (and more)waiting to greet me in my future. I hope you get all your life’s wishessoon.
            May you always be inspired.

Signing off.