The Right State of Mind 08/03/2015

  I could start off by going off on a rampage about how frustrated I am that I missed a huge opportunityDespite how angry I am about this incidentbecause the Universe made it seem that it was something I ought not missI am going to be positiveIf I had been able to follow through then I would’ve been more abundant–and I am trying to be soThe key to success, howeverlies in my feelingsAren’t I going to attract to me the type of circumstances my mind is in the state of? YesBecause of the Law of AttractionI’ve been trying to keep myself in a positiveabundantand successful mindsetSo far my progress seems to be acceleratingit’s workingI used to find it hard to find a penny on a streetNow I find loose change everywhereand it’s piled upI’ve found $12 dollars worth of coins in the past monthwhere I used to only find a single cent about every half yearMy mind has been a paradise for me as of lateand I am determined to keep it so
     You know how people stave off hunger in silly ways? They brush their teethread a bookpaint their nailschew gumor even ask each other ridiculous questions (this is a reference to a very entertaining YouTuber)WellI like to fight off negativity and frustration with writingHere is an example:
            I want to feel better. I want warm sunshine and iced tea. Maybe a sweet sorbet. I want a million dollars and prosperity, but I want to be generous with it. I want health, I want happiness. I want to “forgive and forget.” I want to breathe easy, I want to be at peace, at ease. I want to take a nap. I want to dream of love, and I want to wake up to it. I wish all these things for others, as well, and hope they happen. They will. They already have.
     Writing good thoughts and wishes can fend off disaster and welcome sweetnessIt’s focusing on the goodinstead of what’s notI personally prefer it to punching in wallsor beating up innocent pillows, but hey“to each his own,” right?
     It doesn’t matter that I missed the opportunity because I already have it (and more)waiting to greet me in my future. I hope you get all your life’s wishessoon.
            May you always be inspired.

Signing off.

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