Manifesting Greatness

I’m going to be heading back to college soon, so I’d like to brush up again on something important for you to remember if you are, too, or even if you’re going back to middle or high school. It works for everyone!

College, for most, is when one actually debuts into society and when one learns about life. It is considered a leeway into success, and although it can provide a person with knowledge and skills for that person’s journey through life, college does not always fulfill every aspect of life, every requirement for success. Where true success comes from is within: A vision is manifested into reality through determination and motivation, confidence in self or passion, and inspired action. Positive thinking and positive action are key in success, in college and life.

There is a universal law, the Law of Attraction, that states that as humans, we attract our circumstances to ourselves through our thoughts, feelings, and actions. This law is not only present in quantum physics, but it is also relevant to theology and psychology.

If one start off the day on a positive note, and that person keeps thinking that things are going to go happily or easily, that person expects and looks for the good in the day. It usually follows, then, that good things happen and opportunities appear to pop up because one is looking for them. A person is also more approachable when he or she is in a better mood, and because of this, that person is also able to make better decisions and he is also able to speak to others without becoming irate and therefore avoids snapping at whomever he speaks to. This is the psychological standpoint of the benefit of positivity.

The same is unfortunately true of the other side of the spectrum, in which a person starts off the day in a negative way. In that case, the person is more prone to outbursts of anger or irritation, and is more likely to find the “bad” in the day. Abraham Lincoln says it best, in relation to people: “Those who look for the bad in people will surely find it.” This can be applied to all areas of life. You choose how you see things.

The Law of Attraction also focuses on how thinking can literally change your life, as one can manifest their desired reality through visualization and raising one’s vibration. The gist of this maxim for “like attracts like,” is that by deciding what they want and accepting that it is possible for them to have it (sometimes those knowledgeable about this universal law go to the extent of “acting as if” they have what they desire already) and then allowing it to come to them before taking “inspired action” (an action driven by intuition that ultimately leads to the desire of the manifestor).

Many people feel guilty about using this law to their advantage, feeling as though it is immoral to interfere with “the will of the world,” or for religious people, God’s Will. This is understandable, but the Law of Attraction is always at work and always being used, just like the other laws of physics. However, most people do not know that they are using it and therefore end up using it to their disadvantage. The knowledge that one can change their life by changing their thoughts and deciding what they want is knowledge as old as time and imperially powerful. Manipulating the Law of Attraction to make life better for you and your family is just the same and just as important as Humanity harnessing the power of electricity or manipulating the Law of Gravity with other forces of nature, for their own use — for technology and for flying planes.   

There is too much on the Law of Attraction, and its complementing companion, the Law of Detachment, to fit into the confines of a short read, but it is a topic well-worth researching and really learning. You attract what you want by knowing you’ll have it, and you get it by letting go because you know you will.


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