About (Deep)

I think the Descriptions, About sections, and Bios of social media and published content are the hardest to write. You want to sound cool, but not corny, confident, but not vain, and finding the words to express the essence of your soul—the epitome of your being—is really, really hard! There’s actually an art to these short blurbs, and different styles to follow. With that in mind, I’m going to go the pragmatic way and tell you about myself and my blog (things that may or may not be obvious), and I’m going to try to weave in some of my personality into these typed words, to give you an idea of my voice and who I am. Clandestinely, of course. (That’s sarcasm, friend).

Hey there, friend! My name’s Elizabeth Pearl (that’s my first name), but my friends call me Liz, Lizi, or absolutely out of my mind; but those details aren’t all too important, now are they? I’m a 18 year old girl from the great Empire State, and I really like a lot of things, but who doesn’t? My birthday is May 12th, 2000 (in case y’all wanted to know *wink wink* haha), and that’s why 12 is my lucky/favorite number (one of them, at least! I have a myriad of favorite everythings. It’s just the way I am!). It’s also a holy number, and one of the world’s favorites! I really don’t know everything, even when I think I do, but exploring life and finding yourself—creating yourself—is part of the fun of it!

Here’s the thing: I am beyond ambitious, and ever trying to search for a way to do something, something poetically accomplishing, and nary a soul can get in my way. I’m also a huge procrastinator, which is something that can get in my way, but that’s okay! Motivation ebbs and flows in my spirit, and I’ll find a way to stay on track, one day. One of the things that’s on my bucketlist (along with, like, 40 million other things) is to blog, so blog I shall. The themes? Fashion, fun, and flavor. Maybe a little bit of existentialism if I feel like divulging my thoughts to you (about goings-on in and about life). Prepare for a wild ride of not-really-ever-understanding-what’s-going-on, and celebration, friend. Hopefully, you’ll be hooked.

Summary? Well, I’m Lizi Pearl and this is a blog about fashion and my thoughts and emotions. Ciao, darlings!