10 Things All Figure Skaters Can Relate To…Maybe?

10 Things All Figure Skaters Can Relate To…For Sure!

Stepping onto the cold, slippery ice, shivering from the breeze of a hockey player rushing past, and sliding, stroking on the sheer, crystal canvas below. The ice beneath blades smoothly glides, the smell of crisp winter air all around, laughter echoing and the scratching, skidding of snowplow stops and scratch spins. Skater leaps, salchow, checks, leg extended and back arched. Wind moans, but it’s only a whisper underneath the shaving of ice and the voices chorusing. Skater’s heart skips a beat, races, thumps hard from waltz jumps and spins. Alarm blares, time’s up, next session’s coming soon.

Figure skating is a world-renowned sport, praised for the athletic ability and artistic performing of those who participate in its cold, hard world. It takes years to master the skills required to be a great figure skater, but each failure and triumph leaves an indelible mark in the heart of the icy dreamer.  There are experiences all skaters can relate to, and as a novice in the sport I’ve come to realize that I am not alone in my defeats and successes, my fears and dreams. Let’s delve into the beautiful (and sometimes painful) world of figure skating through a beginner’s eyes, shall we?


  1. The first time you step onto the ice. I used to want to skate when I was really little, but it wasn’t until I watched a certain show (anime fans out there know what I’m talking ‘bout) that my dream was once again reignited. I finally went ice skating, and the excitement and fear all built up in me, until (clinging to the wall) I stepped onto the ice and felt the coolness of the shining surface under the blades of my rental skates. Aha, yes, I was wearing rental skates. The feeling was and is unforgettable.


2. The first time you actually learn how to skate. Unfortunately, it was a whole year and six months after that first encounter with ice skating until I successfully convinced my parents to take me again. This time I was determined to force myself off the wall (as one of my coaches says: “The wall makes you fall!”), and I did it! Imagine my excitement wobbling towards the center. It was definitely a step up from clinging for dear life to the sides of the rink.


3. Taking your first classes. I was somehow able to persuade my parents into signing my sister and me up for group lessons with the Learn To Skate USA program at my home-rink. Trust me, I was a bit disappointed that we weren’t learning how to land quad axels yet (R.I.P., my Olympic dreams), but dips were scarier than I thought. Thank goodness I got past that.


4. Learning your first move. I was so proud of myself after learning those dips, though. They’re still not quad axels, but it was good enough for me.


5. Frustration. FRUSTRATION! I wanted to do crossovers so bad, but I just couldn’t get my foot to go over, nor could I get my knee to bend! It was such a struggle for me that I could feel the shackles of defeat trying to chain me up to a wall of failure. It was even worse on my left side. I couldn’t even put my foot down! Talk about not putting your foot down.


  1. Success. SWEET SUCCESS! When you finally accomplish something you’ve been struggling with for any period of time (this is a universal feeling), waves of relief, and eustress, and ecstasy, and joy, and every good feeling in the entire world wash over you. It’s. The. Best. Thing. Ever. I finally put my foot down [out] and over, baby.


7. Getting utterly obsessed. Day and night. Night and day. 24/7—even in your dreams! Figure skating follows you, and you follow figure skating online: Through watching videos, reading articles, and stalking your favorite skaters. It’s a lifestyle.


8. Learning your first routine. You wait for ages for your coach to finally choreograph a program for you, and you’re on the tip of your toepick waiting to finally finish it and finally run through the whole thing for the first time. The wait is worth it, though, and you’re willing to do double run-throughs for the love of skating and the sake of your program.


9. Your first performance: Be it a show, a competition, or a test, you never forget the nerves and rush of performing in front of an audience and taking your first ever bow. It tastes sweet and sour, and you love it.


10. Doing it all over again. As soon as you learn a move, you move on to the next one and struggle and fail, then polish it and succeed again. As soon as a performance is over you want to start another one again: New choreo, new program, new audience. As soon as a practice is over, you count the days until you can get back onto the ice again. That’s what makes you a figure skater.

The world of figure skating can be colder than the ice that performers do spins, jumps, and fancy arm movements on, but once you get into it, you never want to go back. I’ve only been skating for half a year, but believe me: I want to skate until my bones are as brittle as a rose dipped in liquid nitrogen and turned into ice. Ladies and gentlemen, this is what skating does to you.  


The Audrey Hepburn Diet

No…we are not eating Breakfast At Tiffany’s, but I mean…I guess we could? Anyone have a copy?

Let’s all admit it right here right now: Most people think chocolate is an instrument of evil and that eating chocolate is a mortal sin. On a diet, if you snack on a chocolate truffle, you’re incriminating yourself. Or so society pretends. Is it the truth, though? Absolutely not.

Chocolate is my best friend. One of them at least. Chocolate can cheer you up after a bad day, or a bad break-up, as Elle Woods can contend. It can remind you of your childhood—the nostalgia that comes with the sweet taste and warm fuzzies of taking a bite of a delicious Hershey bar, pretending you’ve just won the Golden Ticket, or (for anime fans) becoming a bad-butt with one dramatic bite and a crazed glare à la Mello from Death Note.  So why is eating chocolate so evil? Well, it’s carbs and it’s tasty and it’s sweet (ooh, mmm, sugar!). But, how is banning chocolate the answer to all of your problems?

It isn’t right to deprive yourself of happiness. Audrey Hepburn knew that best. The vintage queen was a whopping 110 lbs. (49.8 kg) at 5’7” (1.7 m) for most of her adult life—I could probably lift her and I’m weaker than Spongebob, in all honesty. She was as light as a feather and as slender as a Victoria’s Secret or Vogue model without ever dieting. So, what was the lovely Holly Golightly’s secret?

People like to tell you different things left and right on how to lose weight, and here I am doing the same. But I’m really just trying to lend a helping hand and shed a little light on one instance, while also trying to get some info through my thick skull, as well. I’m a little plumper than an aspiring competitive figure skater should be, even though I’m barely in Freestyle, but “o whale,” am I right, 2012? But I digress.

As I’ve learned in Philosophy 101 (don’t at me, okay? I’m 19, I have a right!) everyone has a bit of the truth, and it all comes together to form the absolute truth. The big picture truth. How one should lose weight depends on a number of circumstances (resting metabolic rate and lifestyle are on the long list), but it is possible for everyone. The same goes for gaining weight. However, there are a few things everyone can consider when it comes to losing weight. (I’m not much of an expert on gaining weight, so we’ll skip that, but I’ll read up on it for a future article, perhaps.) I’m going to focus on a few specifics in this article, taking a look at the famed and worthy Audrey Hepburn, but expect a future compendium of an article on what I’ve learned about weight loss from my many years of trying to, um…do that.

Audrey Hepburn ate pasta pretty much on the daily and she had a piece of chocolate every day. Keto dieters would probably balk at her and shake their heads in shame (nothing wrong with the Keto diet, I myself have attempted it with pretty good results…until I stopped, haha, oops). So how was she Gisele Bundchen, Naomi Campbell, or Kelsey Merritt slim? Well, as they say, “moderation is key.” Honey, it is so true.

Audrey Hepburn was an intuitive eater and portion-control kinda girl, but she didn’t deprive herself of happiness or nutrients. (Note: If you are suffering or recovering from an eating disorder of any kind—anorexia, binge eating, bulimia, etc.—intuitive eating is not the best choice for you as eating disorders can mess with your hunger centers. Please be safe and I pray for your recovery and I believe in you, and if you’ve recovered, I’m so proud of you! God bless, honey  ❤️ .) She practiced what is called the 80% Full Rule, or “Hara Hachi Bu.” One can also argue that she practiced the 80/20 Diet Rule, which is a pretty good one. Because food. 😉

Hara Hachi Bu, or the 80% Full Rule, originates from Japan, most notably Okinawa, but also from China as a Confucian practice. Its name implies its execution: You eat until you are 80% full. But why is that? Well, the brain takes about 15-20 minutes to process if someone is full, so if you eat until you are 100% full in a short period of time you are overeating. It may take some time to get used to, but once you acclimate your body and brain to syncing up, you’re golden!

Audrey also ate a heck ton of veggies. It’s important to remember that you can get more nutrients and less calories from eating high density and low calorie—which basically means fruits and veggies. Just think of it: Broccoli is only about 30 kcal per cup. And broccoli is yummy! Her “diet plan,” as in her diet lifestyle, aligns with the 80/20 Diet Rule. It pretty much goes like this: 80% of your meals should be healthy and full of nutrients and the remaining 20% can be unhealthy, but yummy, yummy, yummy! It’s not mentally healthy to restrict yourself from food that you actually enjoy. As my Poppa says: It’s good for the soul!

A piece of chocolate isn’t going to kill you, especially if it’s dark chocolate, packed with delicious healthiness. In fact, keeping yourself in a prison where chocolate is being dangled right in front of you is worse. Especially if you have the key and you’re your own warden. Chocolate scientifically makes you happy, after all! Serotonin, baby *wink*! Audrey Hepburn ate a piece of chocolate every day—keywords: a piece. Studying other people really can help you figure out how to work your own life, man.

Anyways, listen. You’ll be much happier and you’ll find it easier to stick to a diet if you don’t force yourself to stay away from foods that make you happy. Just eat less of whatever it is, and remember that just because you can’t have it now or you aren’t eating it now it doesn’t mean you’ll never get to eat it again. In fact, if you eat less of it or you replace it with a healthy, but equally enjoyable alternative, you might find it tastes a million times better when you do eat it again! Scarcity breeds interest, after all. And, also remember this: You’re allowed to be happy with your diet. Just balance between healthy and yummy—or better yet, healthy and yummy!—and you’ll be fine. You will be able to eat chocolate again, and you can. Audrey did, so you can, too. Good luck, lovie. I believe in you, whatever your challenge may be. You’ve got this, kid.


The Art of Faking It

There is a famous saying that I resonate with on a deeper level and take to heart. “Fake it ’til you make it.” If you know me well, you probably know about my fascination with the Law of Attraction and various other spiritual and philosophical beliefs and teachings. I, as (roughly) all humans to some degree are, am obsessed with success, and the bright smiles of celebrities who claim total confidence in the Law of Attraction (you attract what you are) when recounting how they fearlessly played the part and got it, has tempted me enough to join this world of make-believe into manifestation. They all had (and have) something in common, regarding this technique—be they a former rock-bottom-hitter with nothing to lose and all to gain, someone intrigued by the practice of “living as-if,” or wanting to have a little silly fun by playing pretend as a grown-up. The link that connects them is their willingness to give up all odds of embarrassment and go for the act, even if they had to start a bit shy with it, at first. This is all to say that “faking it until you make it,” can’t hurt if your intention and execution are with good for all concerned.

I think “faking it until you make it,” and “acting as if” are incredibly fun. It seems to me that people have an instinct for imagining things—it drives creation and manifestation. More than that, it’s enjoyable. Recently, I have taken to creating personal stationary and business cards for myself (if I hand you one, or make some sort of grandiose, impossible statement—don’t laugh. I’m just doing my thing, and I’m loving it). I’m not going to lie—they are sickeningly pretentious—but that’s what I love about them. They might be a little “extra,” but they were fun to make and make me feel like I’m on top of the world. Isn’t that the best feeling? Thinking that the world is on your side and wants only good things for you? I think that feeling that way is the bliss that everyone needs to experience—and I hope that everyone truly does get to experience it! That is one of the many reasons why I would advocate the “as-if” for anyone. Of course, I’ve got to be prudent about it…but it’s no lie that sometimes I want to burst into a room and preach it at the top of my lungs. Those are on my exceptionally good days, after miracles manifest, all because of my willingness to suspend all normal logic and apprehension, for even at least a moment. My belief is that, when you think you can do anything, you can. Many greats before me would agree—Buddha, Jesus, Jack Canfield (author of Chicken Soup For The Soul), even Chris Pratt. Henry Ford once said, “Whether you think you can or cannot, you are right,” and that plays nicely into this truth I’m squealing about.

So…here’s my challenge to you. Suspend your skepticism and apprehension just long enough to believe you have whatever it is you want. Walk with your head high. You are the CEO of a major company. You’re a police officer with honors. You’re the magna cum laude of your top school. And when you believe it, know it, and make it happen.

Celebrity Spotlight: “Stuck On” Mars Argo

“I never got the nerve to say that I want you back, want you back…” “Moshi moshi, hi, hello…” (Argo; Poppy).

Celebrity worship is at the peak of Western culture, and it can be a bit overdone. However, celebrities still stand as a role model to their fans, and celebrity appreciation is understandable. Mars Argo, whose legal name is Brittany Sheets, is one artist worthy of all of her fame. Unfortunately, her fanbase grew a little too late, a little bit after her “disappearance” from the internet. There is a chance that she is going to return, and sometime soon, but fans wait for that day, anxiously, as they replay over and over again what little media she left behind.

Mars Argo is an internet celebrity who became popular for her unique YouTube videos with her then boyfriend, Titanic Sinclair (Corey Mixter). The duo ran a YouTube channel called “grocerybagdottv.” The channel theme was based around the corruption of Hollywood and a pseudo-scientific prophecy known as “The Singularity” (which is an event that is proposed to happen in which humans and technology become one). The pair made weird, artistic, and athletic videos created for entertainment and as social commentaries.

When YouTube started making it difficult for YouTubers to use third party music from popular artists in their videos, Mars Argo and Titanic Sinclair decided to create their own background music. The personal project got a promotion when viewers of grocerybagdottv requested for the pair to release the music they had been using due to its unique quality and addictive sound. Thus, the band Mars Argo was born, with the character Mars Argo as their face and lead singer.

Argo and Sinclair continued to work on grocerybagdottv, posting all sorts of strange and compelling content, while they produced and published catchy, nostalgic songs with artistic music videos. The iconic duo lasted for years, growing a dedicated fanbase, but tragedy struck paradise in 2014.

After an intense falling out between Sinclair and Argo, the latter disappeared from the internet without a word, without a clue, without a hint of goodbye. A new celebrity appeared in the midst of her “erasure,” and this character gained celebrity and fans quickly due to her uncanny valley productions, and the controversy surrounding her and her predecessor.

This new singer, known as That Poppy, or simply “Poppy,” was born from an idea Sinclair had to continue the strange project he had begun with Argo, with someone new. Unfortunately, Argo’s disappearance was due to Sinclair’s violent and obsessive behavior of her after she had broken up with him for cheating, and Poppy, although entertaining and addictive, was used as a tool to mock the former star for leaving.

This all came to light in 2018 when a lawsuit between the parties was leaked onto the internet. Mars Argo and That Poppy fans alike came together to dispute the claims of the opposing sides and try to find the truth—or what they wanted the truth to be. Fans of both were caught in the middle and did not know what to believe.

As of 2019, a settlement has been reached between both parties, and both artists have resolved to continue making content. Poppy has released new music recently, and is currently on tour, and has proven that she can create an identity for herself apart from Mars Argo. Mars Argo, on the other hand, has decided to come out of hiding and is rumored to be creating new music to be released soon, purportedly under her real name: Brittany Sheets. Hopefully both artists can resolve any personal issues that might linger between them and continue to create the media that makes people happy and that make their fans adore them. Until then, fans will wait for Brittany to come back.     

I hope she does.

My Mind and My Heart 5/28/2019

It’s been so long since I’ve (seen that sun!—a reference to a song by a friend of mine) last done one of these! No, really, I think it’s been 2 and half years…oops.

Well, here I am now! Dishing out more of stuff that I, um, like.

Music: Luckily, YouTube Music can help me remember what I’ve been listening to, lately. This isn’t sponsored—I just listen to so much that I can barely keep track of it!

Apparently fashion has been on my mind lately (it definitely has been, this is the truth), and so I’ve got three songs by that title in my history. We’ve got…

  • Fashion by The Royal Concept (I’ve actually mentioned this song before! It’s just so good, man.)
  • Fashionby Lady Gaga (It’s such an uplifting and feel-good song, like, woah.)
  • Fashion by Lady Gaga (The key here is the lack of an exclamation point. This song is totally different and kick-butt and I love it.)

But there are so many more songs that I’ve been vibing with! Ugh, why is music so catchy?

  • Donatella by Lady Gaga (Is anyone else noticing a trend here?)
  • Feeling Good by Michael Buble (An anthem to live by, I’ve gotta say.)
  • Prom Queen by Beach Bunny (Totally different from a bunch of these jams.)
  • Girls Like Me by Will Joseph Cook (The music video gives me life.)
  • There She Goes by Sixpence None the Richer (Sickly sweet and romantic ;-;)
  • These Days by Nico (I feel like I’m in an indie movie because of this song. Probably because it was in an indie movie: The Royal Tenenbaums.)
  • 7 rings by Ariana Grande (A rich chick’s anthem.)
  • ME! by Taylor Swift (“You know there is a me!”)
  • Gimme Chocolate!! by BABYMETAL (This song is me as a song.)
  • Dancing On Light by Richard Dillon (So intensely beautiful. I want to skate to this song, one day.)
  • Sol by Ale F (Also intense, but in a sultry, sea-faring, sunbathing way.)

There are also probably a million other songs that I’ve been jamming to, lately. Omit the probably. I reiterate: Why is music so catchy?

Fashion: Let’s bring my current music theme into the mix, shall we? At the beginning of 2019, because of my advent in college, I tried to dress like a toned down Elle Woods, but without fifty shades of pink. So, pretty much, like a prep. Or like Vivian Kensington, I suppose? But with Little Miss Woods Comma Elle’s personality. Afterwards, I kind of fell into my old dressing ways—whatever looked nice, was freshly washed, and available I would choose. Mostly because I need to work on being a morning person and I have so many clothes that I stick to a refined number of outfits to keep myself from getting dizzy or fashionably frustrated. But now that spring is cresting and we’re on the verge of summer, I’m feeling sun-dressy and sun-hatty. I also kind of feel like dressing like a closet-cosplay of Ciel Phantomhive because I feel like then I’d be motivated to actually work. And I’d feel oh-so fancy! I also feel like dressing like Kuranosuke as Kuroko from Princess Jellyfish or Rebecca Bloomwood from Confessions of a Shopaholic. It’s a pretty tough thing to reconcile, but that’s why I’m sitting at home in my PJs right now. To sum up my style craving of the moment: Stylishly Victorian, spring-y, summer-y, and fashionable to a fault.

Food: I’m trying to lose weight and gain muscle for figure skating (I plan to burn the fat off first and then build-up the muscle, because I’ve read that you can’t do both at the same time. Pooey). Thus, I’ve been trying to eat fewer calories than usual and more protein. The only problem is that I’ve also been a fan of nostalgic foods lately—foods that I could do without. Oh well, we’ll see how it goes! Wish me luck!

Books: I started reading How To Be A Bada** At Making Money by Jen Sincero last summer, but sometime during the winter I misplaced the book. So, finally deciding to listen to it online as an audiobook instead of panicking about where I could’ve possibly put it, I was able to finish it yesterday. Yay! Go me! I am a bada**—thanks, Jen Sincero! I’m also currently reading the first volume of Kuroshitsuji by Yana Toboso (a.k.a. Black Butler) and A Study In Scarlet by none other than Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. It reinspired me to pick up on a mystery story I attempted to write back in my Junior year of high school. About 2 and a half years ago. Yike. I think I’m also going to pick up the first volume of Kuragehime (Princess Jellyfish), and I need to find Another Note: The Los Angeles B.B. Murder Case by Nisio Isin. It’s around here somewhere! Ooh, also I have about a million other books I need to read. Did I mention that I’m listening to the Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill audiobook and I think I’ll start How To Be A Bada** by, you guessed it, Jen Sincero! Also via audiobook. Okay, I’ve got a lot of reading and listening to do.

Shows and Movies: Okay, so I started watching Sherlock again! And this time I got up to the second episode! Are ya proud? Also, I think I’m going to watch the movie. I might do that after finishing this. I’ve got the ye olden times DVD set of the black and white Sherlock Holmes Adventures picture-show adaptation. Wow. A mouthful. So, Imma dig those up and watch ’em, too. As you can see, we have another trend! I also watched the Kuragehime live-action film, and plan to watch the new live-action series, as well. I watched Crazy Rich Asians recently, and I’ve gotta say: Wow. It lived up to the hype, honey! The movie also had a Kris Aquino cameo. Philippines represent!

I watched The Confessions of a Shopaholic a couple of days ago, after years of promising myself I would. I am so glad I did at last! Rebecca Bloomwood post-the-events-of-the-movie is goals. I also found myself watching Just Friends without having intended to, but it was pretty great, so I’m happy I did! Even though I spent the majority of the movie rolling my eyes at the main character and cringing at his famous ex.

Hey, I dunno if I should mention this, but I’m on a roll so why not. I rewatched Mean Girls and Black Butler Book of Murder. Part one and two. I also totally meant to watch Book of Atlantic and then flaked because I only watched it once in theaters and I’m lowkey nostalgic about those circumstances. Here’s the cringe-y part: I accidentally binge-watched the Netflix adaptation of Richie Rich while playing The Sims 3 and I don’t know how it happened, but it did. It’s pretty good for its target audience, I’ve gotta say! Oh, now I’ve gotta add the Richie Rich movie to my list of things to watch!

In terms of anime, I’ve gotta catch up on Boku no Hero Academia, and I need to finish Tokyo Ghoul, the Wallflower, and Nana. After going through my phone and finding an old screenshot, I’ve decided that I need to watch the Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji live-action movie, as well as the Ao Haru Ride one. Ooh, then I need to catch up on Good Morning Call, and oof. I’m gonna be a busy girl this summah!

“ … you can always find something you want.”
― Sophie Kinsella, Confessions of a Shopaholic

I find that if I don’t keep up with my brain, I’m in a state of confusion. That’s because something new is happening every millionth of a jiffy in my mind, and I’m positive you can relate, yeah? The bright side to all of this bulk is that it’s almost summer. That means that I’m practically unstoppable and I’ve got all the time in the world! For the most part. I really hope that I’m able to live up to my summer expectations! Let’s see what I’m like in fifty months from now, shall we?



Lizi!!! On Ice!

Laughter echoing around the freezing arena, wind howling alongside it. I step onto the ice, my blades gliding on the sleek, glassy surface. A skater leaps, spins, a hockey player zooms past me, a breeze in his wake. People wobble past, hand in hand, smiling and giggling. I survey the cold, open space, and I smile. The glacial beauty of it all hits me, as I stroke, in a sort of steady, forward glissade, on the sheer, freezing crystal beneath me.

I had always wanted to be a figure skater. When I was a little girl, about five or six years old, I would watch the Olympics and figure skating programs on television and I desperately wanted to be as powerful and beautiful as Michelle Kwan. Of course, as an ambitious child, I wanted to do everything. I am still the same way. But, alongside ballet, piloting a plane, and being a princess or a pirate captain, I wanted to be a figure skater.

Around the same year I became obsessed with figure skating, a Barbie movie called Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus came out. It was perfect timing for Mattel (the company behind Barbie movies), really. The 2006 Winter Olympics were coming up, and I was obsessed with this new movie involving a figure skating princess. I remember watching the movie at least three times a week – and I often pretended to be Princess Annika (Barbie’s role). Of course, I was already obsessed with Barbie and figure skating, and this new movie made me extra crazy about both. I wanted my parents to get my figure skating lessons, but my parents thought it was just a phase, and knew of no nearby ice rinks.

Years passed and I still admired figure skating, but I never really got involved with it, and my obsession and need to learn the sport faded. I still involved it in my 4th grade art project, however, when my art teacher assigned my class to paste a picture of our faces to a drawing of what we wanted to do in the future. My picture was of me doing a Y Spiral – an element in figure skating in which one lifts her leg so that her foot is over her head. I am not yet flexible enough to do that, but I will be one day.

It was not until 2016 that my love for skating was reignited. A show called Yuri!!! On Ice rose to popularity in the anime community and I was hooked on it. The story was about a young figure skater who had lost hope and motivation after a series of unfortunate events and a very brutal competitive loss, but when the world’s greatest figure skater and his idol quits skating competitively to become his coach, his passion for the sport is reignited. Having loved figure skating as a child and loving anime as much as I did, I ate that show up. It awoke something in me – a newfound love for the sport. This passion had been laying dormant within me for years and here it was again, alive and definitely robust.  

I began asking my parents to take me skating. I watched all sorts of videos online and I tried to get into the habit of working out and stretching whenever I could. I watched programs and tutorials, and performances. It was like being possessed by my younger self.

At this point, I had never even stepped foot onto the ice of a rink, and I consumed videos on how to skate like a beggar at a buffet, and I tried my best to educate myself on different skating elements. An axel? I had no idea how that was any different from a loop. A sit spin? Is that not a cannonball spin? I was a kindergartener in a high school class when it came to learning about all the nit-picky and artistic things about the sport. I had some understanding of this internationally adored art thanks to figure skating media – the Olympics and Yuri!!! On Ice – but I did not know right from left when it came to really comprehending the details.   

I finally convinced my dad to take me to the ice rink on December 2nd, 2016 (I will be honest, I threatened to walk the 5.2 miles to the rink around six in the evening and started the trek in order to get him to agree to take me, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do). It was definitely way harder than I expected, but I loved every minute of it. It was the most exciting thing I had experienced – or so it felt – and then it never happened again. Sort of.

I asked my father over and over again for two years to take me back to the rink. He kept telling me he would take me skating again “later” and “later” and “next week” and “this summer” and “next summer” –  et. cetera, et. cetera. It was frustrating not going, because it meant I could not get better at ice skating. Not learning how to ice skate meant I would not, for certain, learn how to figure skate, which requires knowing how to escape the ice rink wall. Yet, after months of begging and nagging and disappointment, I was lucky enough to get him to agree on July 7th, 2018, and through meeting one of my friends there who had started skating (through pure serendipity), I was able to convince my parents to let me start skating. Thank…goodness.

Shortly after two trips to the rink as a public skater, I got my parents to sign me up for group lessons. I was so excited, I probably could have done an axel right then and there – except I definitely could not, and that is why I needed lessons to begin with.

I have been going as often as I can since that fateful summer day, and I do not regret it at all. Of course there are days when I feel like I am not worthy, and I think I am going to quit, but I think about how far I have come since that wobbly first encounter on the ice and I persevere. I have gone from clinging to the wall for dear life to doing waltz jumps and scratch spins, and I am still improving as the days go on. I have started learning more jumps and more spins recently, while I could barely do swizzles in July and crossovers in August. Axel, here I come.

I am really delving into the figure skating world now that I have become a participant in this artistic sport. This past Christmas I performed in the Holiday Show with my sister. This upcoming Christmas I hope to perform a duet with her again, and a solo program. And next year, I will be competing. I already have a program set for then. See? It was positively worth it. “Here’s to gold!”


The Law of Attraction

Heeeyyy, it’s me again.

After a long as hecc hiatus, Lizi Pearl is back! And now she’s got a domain of her own, so that’s pretty cool!

Today I wanna let y’all in on a little whispery wisdom. It’s become insanely popular in the last decade or so, but it’s been around for centuries. It’s the Law of Attraction.

Long story short, the Law of Attraction (or LoA as we hip people call it), is a Universal Law that pretty much dictates our lives. Long story shorter, like attracts like. Have you ever noticed how your day tends to get better when you’re in a good mood and how it seems to spiral into madness when you’re in a bad one? Yeah. Yep. That’s it.

The Law of Attraction works 24/7 without fail, so regardless of whether or not you’re keeping track of how you feel (your vibrational energy as some say), stuffs gonna happen to you. Some good, some bad. But, worry not! The Law of Attraction can be manipulated and the Universe can be turned into your own personal genie (cue Friend Like Me from Disney’s Aladdin (pls don’t sue) lol). It’s easy, really. All you have to do is figure out what it is you want, put all your focus and good vibes into it, keep yourself flying high, and then play around with another Universal Law that’s besties with LoA—the Law of Detachment, or LoD (I don’t know if anyone else calls it that, but it’s whatever, kids). And LoD knows this is the most important part of the process (actually, both attracting and detaching are important, and believe it or not, can be done at the same time). Pretty much what you need to do with the Law of Detachment is to feel confident that you have what you want so as to prevent yourself from creating resistance. That’ll make things take forever, but with detachment and attraction playing nicely together, it’s all smooth sailing. But, you’ve gotta let things be good, and you need to create your own happiness.

So, I’ll see you good peeps at a party in my mansion once my manifestations decide to come thru. Ciao!

Or, as I used to say, visam te cito!

The Purse of Identity

More than 7 billion people, more than 7 billion lives: Each with a different soul and different genetic makeup, and they all fit in this blue, green planet like the little shards of glass that make up a mosaic masterpiece. I used to wonder how it could be that so many people can exist, have existed, and will exist, yet no two people could ever be entirely identical—then a dawn of thought rose soft rays of brilliant understanding to dance upon my ever-thinking mind, and I figured it out.

No two people could ever be 100% the same because of the complexity that goes into the creation of a person. I am a firm believer of zodiacs and their effect on people because we came from the stars, so we must have some sort of connection to the stars. Yet, most people believe that if you are a specific zodiac sign you’re going to be 100% like the stereotype of that sign. But…this isn’t true! I read somewhere once that how a person is star-sign-wise isn’t just based on their birthday, but also on the day of the week they were born, the year they were born, and the time (down to the second) that they were born!

“But wait! There’s more!”

Western star signs aren’t the only things that affect who you are. Chinese zodiacs could also play a part on your being—but each animal has multiple elements that affect how the animal characterizes the person, too! For example, for the Year of the Dragon (which is the year I was born in) there are the elements metal, earth, fire, water, and wood. The specific year determines the element of the sign, as well as the animal in the Chinese zodiac system. I was born in 2000, the Year of the Metal Dragon. You see? If it had been 1964 I would’ve been a Wood Dragon, and if it had been 2012 that I was born, then I’d be a Water Dragon.  Click here to find out about you!

Science is also an ingredient in who we are: Genetics, gene expression, environmental influence, neuroplasticity, stimuli, development, evolution, et cetera! They all affect what type of people we are. But our experiences also shape us, and we shape ourselves, too! We also fin ourselves, yet, at the same time, we create ourselves and decide who we want to be. Those around us also help to shape us, and our decisions do, as well. And if you’d believe it, maybe numerology might even be a part of it all—the Universe is made up of numbers, after all.

Then…there are our souls and our spirits. I believe in an After Life—I believe that we are more than just skin and bone. I believe that there is an essence to us that physicality can’t touch; that we are spiritual beings. So, you tell me: Could there be anybody truly like you? Like me? Like the people around you?

This is a fashion blog. So, why all of a sudden am I going on about identity? Because identity is a part of fashion. The style of the soul. The dressing up (or down) of your personality. The wardrobe that is your mind. Fashion isn’t just clothes, what goes with what, and what is everyone going to wear next. It’s who you are as a person, just as much as what goes on your person, and the way you carry and present yourself, too. We all carry a purse of identity; and they’re all full of wonders. Brag about how cute your bag is. You are exclusive; you are limited edition.


  1. 1.
    concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty.
    “the pictures give great aesthetic pleasure”
    •  Beauty  Style
  1. 1.
    a set of principles underlying and guiding the work of a particular artist or artistic movement.
    “the Dada aesthetic”

2015-2017 have been very concerned with aestheticism and finding styles that are personal and communal. But this kind of thing has always been around: subcultures are just so cool! Whether a person fits into a stereotype of a social group/subculture/lifestyle/aesthetic or creates a whole new definition for themselves isn’t what’s important—finding a sense of self and community is! Let’s take a look at some of these groups. I mean, I can only base them on stereotypes, but that doesn’t mean the “definition” applies to all. Seriously, put as much freedom and love into who you are and who you spend time with/want to fit in with as much as possible! One of the most important things you can do in life is to be happy. ‘Kay?

So, here are the aesthetics I’ll be covering today (I’m no expert, I’m just going off what the internet says, man):

  1. tumblr aesthetic
  2. kawaii aesthetic
  3. emo aesthetic

Okay, so there are waaay more than that, but it’s 8:55 p.m. and I just woke up from a way-too-long nap without doing any of my homework, so I gotta keep it simple. Something you should note, however, is that 2 and 3 can also overlap, and often branch out of 1. So, let’s get started!

tumblr aesthetic: 



So, the tumblr aesthetic is often comprised of vaporwave and visually pleasing photos that are also very teen angsty or teen activist-y. This aesthetic is a whole riot of other aesthetics (how many times am I going to use that word in this article? *sigh* I don’t know). You’ve got your social justice warriors, your fandoms, and your hipsters. Each group has something beautiful in them, and being part of just one group isn’t necessary (you’ve got many traits, so why fit in with only one group of people?). The SJWs, as they’re often dubbed, have a deep passion to change the world. This group vouches for minorities and works to get people’s rights noticed. Think neo-hippies with their “fight the man!” attitude and “peace, love” prowess. Fandoms range from bands, to shows, to otaku. There’s one particular fandom that’s infamous for there *ahem* excessive use of gifs, but it’s actually really cute and creative, if you think about it. The hipsters have got this thing for cool shots and deep words. I really like their introspective and brooding look into the world. As a writer, I kinda relate. They’ve always got a keen, creative, descriptive eye, and that’s pretty valuable.

kawaii aesthetic:



I’ve really been into this kind of thing lately. I mean, I’ve always enjoyed the cuter things in life, and I grew up watching anime, but it’s been really pulling me in as of late. When I’m in college, I plan on studying abroad in Japan for a year or so. I love their youthful and childlike styles: lolita and kawaii. I really like how Mars Argo, Taylor R, Yours Truly-era Ariana Grande (not that I don’t love her style now, because I do love it still), and Mikan Mandarin dress. This aesthetic includes styles similar to theirs (as their styles are inspired by such), anime, manga, vocaloid, Japanese things, and cute things! I love how eccentric, wild, and free fashion is in Japan. Totally a-one.

emo aesthetic:



Most people have had an emo phase in their life (probably around 7th grade)—or at least most people I know. This aesthetic is usually made up of “sad” or “heavy” music, like punk rock, emocore, screamo, etc. Dark colors, dreary imagery, and deep, sorrowful or wise words float around the emo aesthetic. Being an outsider is often involved with this type of thinking. Although I’ve never been full-fledged emo (although I wanted to be one back in 7th grade—I just wasn’t allowed to practice the style *sigh*), I’ve always thought that thinking differently and doing what you want is super cool. Mind that there used to be a stereotype about emo people being depressed and romanticizing negativity, but this was more back in the day. Thankfully, with the positive movements of today, it’s more of just a style, aesthetic, and “unconventional” lifestyle, and anybody can take it up now. It’s pretty great how people can branch out on the edge like that.


So, there yahavvit—different aesthetics, all beautiful and cool. Remember, there’s way more, and stereotypes aren’t always necessarily accurate. You don’t have to be a part of just one group of people: it’s more important to love yourself and to be happy and healthy.

That’s the true aesthetic of life.

Not Just Fashion—Life

When I started this blog, I had the intention of focusing its theme around fashion with bits of art, positivity, psyche, and life weaved into the main theme. I’ve decided to alter it a bit, though! From this point on, I’m going to recenter it around a theme of lifestyle, branching out into the aforementioned topics, and weaving them in with a bit of embroidery! Hopefully I can prevent procrastination with a broader range of things to write about!

That’s all for now! Ciao! ♥